Nick Jonas Lives In Ellen Degeneres' House | Betches

Nick Jonas Lives In Ellen Degeneres' House

So Nick "I'm Not Wearing My Purity Ring Anymore" Jonas, apparently lives in Ellen Degeneres' house, because Hollywood real estate is more incestuous than the cast of Jersey Shore. Seriously, if you did a connect the dots of everyone who has shared the same square footage at some point, it'd be like the new 6 degrees of Kevin Spacey.

Ellen says that Nick is "a good tenant," and he "pays rent on time." Congrats on meeting minimum tenant requirements Nick! His security deposit is probably more than my wine budget for the entire semester. But apparently Nick is "so nervous the whole time I'm there, because I know I'm gonna come on the show and see you and check in and if anything's wrong with the house it's bad." He sounds like a kid whose parents left him home alone for the first time, not a multi-millionaire child star. That's probs why Olivia Culpo dumped him. 





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