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A Definitive Ranking Of The Hottest Husbands Of The Real Housewives

If you can’t tell by my name, I fucking live for The Real Housewives, as do most betchy humans. Whether it’s Tamra throwing wine in Jeana’s face or Brandi accusing Kim of doing crystal meth in the bathroom (bitch) or Nene telling the other Kim to close her legs to married men (lol), we just can’t get enough of these women fighting and getting naked wasted and looking MILF-y af while doing it.

But what about the house-husbands? I’m all for the girl-power that is RH, but these guys deserve some credit for taking a backseat and putting up with this shit on a regular basis. I’m sure there’s a lot of alcohol and maybe even some drug use involved, but still. They da real MVPs. So as a salute to these ride or die bros, here’s our definitive ranking of the hottest house-husbands.

Okay sure. He’s not the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. But he’s funny and loyal and that takes him from a 5 to a 7. His bank account takes him from a 7 to a 9.




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