We're the website, the Instagram, the store, the books, the everything that young females go to experience the thoughts that run through their heads, but are too afraid or uncomfortable, to say out loud. Unapologetic is two things, our M.O., and our fave RiRi album. We don't like the term mean girls, we prefer brutally honest and self-aware young women. If that's something you can get behind, then welcome to Betches.




One cold night in February 2011, three college roommates created a small WordPress blog out of their apartment at Cornell. They called the site Betches Love This and within months it had become viral enough that they decided to make writing their jobs. Though the core of the site is the flagship column "The Betch List," which describes the loves and hates and exotic signifiers of a betch, Betches Love This has evolved into a larger niche humor website with columns on topics ranging from celebrities, health and fitness, politics, and TV and movie recaps, to advice dispensed by ourselves and our resident male writer, the Head Pro. Betches Love This, which as of October 2015 has slimmed down to just Betches (we're on an all carb diet), is a go to site for women around the world who desire to keep things real and prefer all their entertainment peppered with the Betches' signature snark. 




As lightly bragged mentioned above, we have many different brand extensions that you have probably seen around. Our first book, Nice is Just a Place in France, a New York Times Best Seller, was published in March of 2013 by Gallery Books of Simon and Schuster and our second, I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies, was published April 2016 and became a best seller as well. Our social media channels—primarily our Instagram, @betches—have become quite popular as our 4.8 million followers including Madonna agree that we're absolutely fucking hilarious. We've been hailed by the New York Times (ever heard of it?), Jezebel, The London Times, Telegraph, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Guardian, and many others. Our online boutique, Shop Betches, has been putting out the betchiest tanks, tees, phone cases, sweaters, etc. since 2014 and, as you probably already assumed, we're killing it. Our funny AF Podcast, Betch Slapped, launched in September 2016 and lures in approximately 10,000 listeners per episode. Ugh there is like so much more, but we gotta go, we're late for brunch. 

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