Amanda Bynes Goes On A Twitter Rant | Betches

Amanda Bynes Goes On A Twitter Rant

By Queen Elizabetch

In the immortal words of Georgina Sparks, "You can tell Jesus, the bitch is back." Never has life imitated art more than Amanda Bynes' latest twitter rant. Read the slew yourselves, but she doesn't come across as *that* crazy. Sure it's over the top but my post Fault In Our Stars twitter freak out was far worse. We can conclusively say, she's not normal but she's not crazy either. I'd have a drink with this girl. Anyway, here are the things we learned about Amanda last night:



1. She's suing InTouch and Star Magazines for printing lies about her.
2. She does not give magazine quotes ever. 
3. She is getting married and they'll be on the cover of people. (Yes this seems to contradict #2, but What A Girl Wants is to have a bomb ass wedding, so we'll let it slide).






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