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New BFF Alert: Amy Schumer and Amber Rose

By Queen Elizabetch

Amy "I'm entitled to an orgasm" Schumer and Amber "Fuck your 30 showers" Rose are officially bffs, and the entire male population has already begun fantasizing about it.

They met while filming "Milk Milk Lemonade" for Inside Amy Schumer and hung out at the VH1 Big in 2015 event (spoiler alert, VH1 itself will not be big in 2015). It's pretty clear why these two get along. I would assume all of their conversations revolve around slut shaming. Maybe they talk about how hilarious it is that Amber has a son.

Amy Instagrammed a photo of them, and her caption is all of us while hanging out with hotter friends "I am also in this picture." 


I am also in this picture @amberrose #bigin2015

A photo posted by @amyschumer on




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