Amy Schumer And Ashley Graham Are Fighting Over Who's Less Fat | Betches

Amy Schumer And Ashley Graham Are Fighting Over Who's Less Fat

A while ago, Amy "Plan B is my Plan A" Schumer was included with Adele, Ashley Graham, and Melissa McCarthy in a Glamour cover line as being plus-sized. Amy disagreed because plus-size means sizes 16 and up, but Amy is a size 6 or 8. But according to The Devil Wears Prada, size 6 is the new 14.

Anyway, Ashley Graham told Cosmo that "Amy talks about being a big girl in the industry, but when [she is] grouped in with us, [she's] not happy about it. That, to me, felt like a double standard." Ashley doesn't think that Amy can have her cake and eat it too and dictate when she gets to be a "big girl." Which is like, kinda fair.

Somehow Amy abandoned the bitchy impulses she grew up with on the LIRR and was a total adult on Twitter. Not only did she validate Ashley's argument, but she also called her beautiful. Is this how adults respectfully disagree? Uh, sort of.

Well, this is a cop-out if I've ever seen one. Come on, Amy. You're better more fun than this.

I would love to hear Anna Wintour chime in on this conversation, even if she just Tweeted "you can try Sears." 




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