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Your Favorite Instagrammer Wants To Be The Next Marc Jacobs

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If you haven't encountered Andrew Warren—aka @adwarren, the founder of Just Drew—you've obviously been living under a rock (or perhaps a pool float). We weren't sure what to expect when we met him but one thing we will say is that he is somehow both exactly like what his social media portrays, and at the same time a lot more interesting to actually talk to. He's definitely earned his reputation as a "rich kid of Instagram" but it's obvious that it was a label given to him rather than #goals. Kind of like how Kylie Jenner didn't ask to be born.

Whatevs, we had a great time with him and were highly entertained by his shit-talking stories about anyone who gets in his way. Also, his clothing line is chic AF. Here are some highlights from our hard-hitting interview.

Tell us how you ended up getting written up everywhere? How did this all come about?

So I have like 30 best girlfriends, and you know Dujour the magazine? Everyone like Kendall and Kylie and everyone started with Dujour so I was thinking, maybe I should start there too. And I went in and spoke with them about a pitch, and I was like maybe I could incorporate my girlfriends. We shot in my clothes for 12 hours, but then the article came out and the main picture was in white T-shirts and jeans and the main article was about the Rich Kids of Instagram.

People that hashtag #RKOI, like, that is humiliating that you're trying to get on Rich Kids of Instagram. And people are posting like stacks of money with a Lambourghini—that's just like flat-out embarrassing, like literally what are you doing.

How do you feel about the Rich Kids stigma? Why do you think people choose to focus on the Rich Kids thing?

I feel like it's because it's what they think people want to read. I think it's so embarrassing. Like you're never going to be at the Met Gala if you're part of that. I'm happy I got to live my life—I would never take back being wasted at clubs and doing all the normal things in college and not being written about in that way.

Do you think people take you too seriously?

I do it as a funny thing, like we were at Gurney's and we had the day bed, and then one of my friends puts down a towel like it was just on a regular beach in the middle of nowhere, and I was like #PKOI—poor kids of Insta—but like, as a total joke.

Do you feel Instagram represents anyone's lives accurately?

No. I meet a lot of celebrities and I'm like, you're so cool on Instagram and you're so disappointing in person—either that or sometimes people with the worst social media live the coolest lives and I'm like, you really should post more.

So what's happened since the Dujour thing?

It's almost exact a year since then. I was just doing my first small collection and then since then I've been in W, Cosmo, Nylon.

Tell us about your collection. What inspired you to start?

So Jeff Goldstein from Blue and Cream asked me to do a pop-up for him with my friend and we ended up doing sweatpants and stuff. But that was just a pop-up so that ended and I wanted to do my own thing.

Who's your inspiration?

I like Phillip Plein because he did his own thing, he didn't give a fuck. He did like crystal-y stuff, he was in Saint Tropez and people said he's never going to grow but he just did his thing but now he's huge and has everyone in his show and has a store across from Barney's. But I also like Marc Jacobs who's fun and is a person behind his line. I wanna be more than a line eventually.

What's your ultimate vision for your clothing line?

I want to be more of a brand label than just a clothing line. Like I really want to do it strategically. Now I'm being offered to have my own reality show just based on fashion, and I feel like I could pull that off. Like obviously I'm not opposed to doing a show but there's just the people that judge you and if it goes wrong your life is over.

Do you design everything?

I have an in house designer who's from Project Runway. So then I bring in inspiration and say "this, not this, not this." And then I go to like 16 fabric meetings where I sit down and pick out the fabrics I love. Then the designer sketches out what I want, and decide what fabrics goes with what. So it's like creative directing.

So you're designing for women. Do you confer with your friends?

I'm the most indecisive. I ask like, "which one do you guys like?" in a chat of 30 and I'll say like, pick out four of these and take a vote. I'll ask the audience, phone a friend.

I feel like I have to prove myself, and not be taken as a joke, and really create my image. Having your own company, as you guys know, is way harder than just working for someone else. If you work for someone else you can just go get wasted on the weekend and not have to worry. What I do is 24/7. Even if it's after work hours it's still telling people about your line, mingling for the sake of your line. Like I met with this magazine this week and I cancelled it because I was supposed to do my Observer story tomorrow, so I constantly have to do these things where they follow me around and I have to do something exciting. And it's like some days you don't wanna get out of bed, I don't feel like being fun and exciting.

How did your friends come together? There's a million of you.

I find them out of nowhere. People like pop out of bushes and I become friends with them. I feel like every girl in New York City, when I started, wanted to be my best friend. You'd have one and then they'd bring another one for drinks and she would wanna be my best friend. And just the next one and the next one.

And then I meet people like EJ Johnson—he put it to someone so funny, he said "Andrew will bring some bitch to dinner and then we're all like 'oh hey welcome you're our best friend now.'" Literally he's the most epic.

What's your relationship with him like? Is it weird to see your friend on TV?

I feel like the show is not so me but I'm really supportive. Me and him were gonna do a show together, but then I ended up not—he really wanted to do it. I'm really proud of him because we used to all sit there like in Mean Girls "my hairline's so bad" and he would never say anything because he was always so confident and then all of a sudden he got that surgery and he was like, "it's because of all you skinny white bitches." And he's so happy now so I'm like really happy for him. He's so nice, he really is.

How did Abigail Breslin get into the picture?

One night this girl Mireya who's a friend of a friend came to like a 30 person dinner we had randomly at Bagatelle and was friends with Abigail, and we go to Up & Down—and I didn't even know this story—but [name redacted] was dancing and he booty bumps and Abigail flies across the room because she's like a small little thing and I like tried to help her up. And then she was in Scream Queens and I'm like obsessed with Scream Queens. Chanel Oberlin is like my favorite.

Are there rifts in your friend group?

Yeah I mean like literally people hate each other.


I mean like boys, this, that. I feel like people still come to the same things but this is the first year the group dinners stopped—everyone's out of college, doing stuff, it's more one-on-one.

What's your least favorite quality in a friend?

I guess just being annoying, but like, I don't know how to describe that. Like there's one girl I'm not friends with who's always like, "can you take a photo of me over here and over here" and I'm like, "I'm not a photographer get away, you're so annoying." And then there's the ones that think they're better than everyone like, "ugh she's so this and she's so that" and they think they're superior. Like why can't everyone just chill out and get along? Like the girl from Mean Girls with the rainbows.

Is that your role in the group?

I change—actually people would describe me and the nicest and most generous best friend but then if you fuck me over I literally... [waiter interrupts to offer us food, obviously not.]

I wanna show you guys these things on my Instagram. One time this guy screwed me over so I Instsagrammed this [shows us revenge insta], and then I sent 287 water bottles to his house and said "because you're so thirsty."

That sounds like something we would do. So when did you hear of Betches?

Oh, from the start. When you guys just did the numbers. And it was so relatable and I wrote the most epic thing that I sent to all my friends that I was gonna send you guys that I wanted to write for you—I guess I must have been a freshman in college and I had no idea what I wanted to do—and I never sent it in and my friends were like, this is so hilarious.

You should still send it to us. What was it about? You can still send it to us.

I don't even remember now, I have to find it. It was right when you were hiring your first writer. Everything was me. Like everything was actually me. My friends all thought I was your website.

I have to send you guys my Vegas birthday PDF of the rules. And the PDF went viral. Almost every college saw it. People sent it to everyone. Kyra Kennedy before we were friends was like, I knew you originally because of the birthday PDF. I have to send it to you guys, it's so funny.

I was like, no fucking kitten heels or you're not coming. No bob haircuts. If I see one fucking bald haircut we're turning around. If you try to stay in you're going home. Don't you fucking say you're tired this is Vegas not a nursing home.

Do you have any friends who are chill and stay in?

I love staying in. I don't know how I used to go out every single night of the week and I would be mad at my friends if they didn't want to come to a dinner. I'd be like "I hate you; we're in a serious fight."

I don't know people actually work, then they have to be fun on social media, and post every single type of social media and do this and do that. I'm like, I wanna like keep up with relationships.

What's your take on the dating app world?

Do you guys have Raya? You have to get accepted. Every celebrity's on it and you have like a little profile. They don't accept that many people so there's not that many people on it. I got on overnight. People are like, still waiting.

Chic. So we're almost done but we just have to know, what's your favorite pool float?

Omg I'm like an avid pool float extraordinaire. I love Funboy. I was so excited about the unicorn—the rainbow unicorn—but everyone was like, it's not out for a month. And so I emailed them—I've never done this—and used my Instagram and they were like, "we only have our sample unicorn," so they sent me the sample. I needed it.

Follow @justdrewnyc and @adwarren on Insta. Check out the slideshow below for the Just Drew dictionary, aka how to be (almost) as funny as Andrew.

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