Apple Replaces Gun Emoji With Water Gun | Betches

Apple Got Rid Of The Gun Emoji, Group Chats Will Never Be The Same

By Queen Elizabetch

Whenever Apple releases new emojis, I stop pressing "not now" on the software update just so I can use the new additions. But this week Apple announced a few too many changes. The good news: female athletes, single-parent families (to send passive aggressive divorce texts), and a man getting his haircut (to be used when your friends gets a fugly new hairstyle). The bad news: the silver gun emoji is being replaced with a toy gun.

The idea behind the change was in reaction to gun violence, which sounds great on paper. But Snapchats meant to portray your heinous day at work are going to look like you want to stage a water gun fight in an Ann Taylor skirt suit. Plus, an emoji pack update isn't going to do shit about gun violence. Like, a criminal won't decide to not shoot somebody just because he doesn't have the perfect emoji for his Insta caption. 




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