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TBT: Archie Characters Ranked By Betchiness

Comic Con was last weekend, which meant nerds everywhere made their trek down to San Diego for whatever it is they do there. Normally we wouldn't give a shit, but since the internet is a democratic place, it did get us reminiscing about the only comic book that betches read growing up: Archie. I mean, except for reading the occasional Sunday strip so you could pretend to read the paper next to your Dad while he grumbled about stocks, betches didn't spend a lot of time looking at picture books past kindergarten. Except for Archie comics, which kept us not bored at summer camp and introduced us to the idea of love triangles. So in honor of last week's nerd convention, here's the Archie characters ranked in order of betchiness.

Reggie is a fuckboy if we ever saw one. He's obsessed with himself and always wants girls he can't have. He cares more about himself than anyone else and will leave you hanging every time. He probably sends dick pics and def thinks you saying hello is like flirting with him.




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