Ariana Grande: Betch Of The Week | Betches

Ariana Grande: Betch Of The Week

By The Betches

Human Bratz doll come to life, Ariana Grande is our Betch of the Week.

For years, people have confused her with Selena Gomez, and constantly referred to her as a “Disney Star,” when, uhm, it’s actually Nickelodeon star, duh. Now, it’s Ariana’s time to shine. She’s the queen of the summer after releasing a song with rap goddess Iggy, and she is holding pipes in her that just on a logistics basis shouldn’t fit into that tiny body.

We're celebrating this betch’s 21st birthday, which we all know is the most monumental in any betch’s life. In honor of the occasion, here’s 21 reasons Ariana is our Betch of the Week:




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