5 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn From 'The Bachelor' | Betches

5 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn From 'The Bachelor'

By Betch Du Jour

Turns out everyone's favorite Monday night shit show can actually be instructive. And not in a don't-do-this-in-front-of-the-guy-you're-trying-to-fuck-on-TV-unless-you-want-to-look-like-a-serial-killer kind of way. In like an actually helpful way! These desperate, soulless motherfuckers might not know their way around finding love and making real human connection, but they sure as hell know their way around a blow dryer and some bronzer. Which isn't shocking, considering everyone's worth is placed approximately 100% on their physical appearance and 0% on their actual personalities. So with that being said, here are all the beauty lessons we can learn from this ridiculous mess — because we're definitely not learning anything else remotely useful.




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