Bachelor Contestants That Double As Serial Killers | Betches

Bachelor Contestants Who Might Also Double As Serial Killers

By Betch Du Jour

Reality television is a magnet for the scariest of humans. Case in point: anything from the world of The Bachelor—a fucking mecca for psychopaths and people who would rather subject themselves to public humiliation than get real jobs. In fact, recruiting nefarious souls is a territory on which the Bachelor franchise thrives. That's why it's the best fucking show on television. TRY AND REFUTE ME.

Anyway, speaking of evil things, nothing's more interesting than questioning whether the people "looking for love" on your TV screens have the capacity to murder someone, right? It's time someone put together a list of Bachelor contestants who probably double as serial killers. That someone is me. Do I have a sick and twisted mind? Maybe. But I know you've thought about this too, so let's get into it, sickos. You heard it all here first. 


#1 on this list and surprising to no-one. While I love Chad for the way that Chad loves Chad, I have to say, if someone from the Bachelor franchise went missing, I would first look in Chad's basement. After all, this is the man whose go-to diss is "I'm going to murder you and/or your family."




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