The 5 Best Looks From The BBMAs | Betches

The 5 Best Looks From The BBMAs

What is it about the Billboard Music Awards that makes everyone admit to actually liking the basic top forty artists of the year? Like, if you had asked me a month ago if I were a Bieber fan, I would’ve told you I was too busy focusing on my indie Coachella artists. But all of a sudden, the BBMA’s come along and every girl in the audience is a die-hard Fifth Harmony fan. In case you missed the awards last night, here were our five fav looks from the red carpet:

One of the only betches who can pull off a peach two-piece that exposes eighty percent of her torso. She also took time before the show to literally pose with every fan, begging the question of whether she’s actually superhuman or just took like, five Xanax pills in her dressing room.




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