Skincare Hacks For When You're Broke And Lazy | Betches

Skincare Hacks For When You're Broke And Lazy

By Betch Du Jour

Other than your liver, your skin is the one organ on your body that you're going to need to take the most care of from here on out. (Be honest, you set yourself back a few years when you decided to commit the heinous acts of A. Not wearing sunscreen and B. Not taking off your makeup before bed, you common street walker). But if you're not bathing in enough money right now to be getting bi-weekly facials and the most expensive skincare shit on the market—or if you can't even muster up the energy to feed yourself (jealous) let alone take care of your skin—don't worry. Here are some skincare hacks for when you are broke, lazy, or both. 

The combo of aspirin and honey reduces redness and swelling and serves as an antibiotic to disinfect your pores. Crush an aspirin, add some honey until it forms a paste, and put that on your breakouts.




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