Beauty Lessons From Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 | Betches

Beauty Lessons From Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

By Betch Du Jour

Oh, Bachelor in Paradise. Where a bunch of lovelorn idiots get together to drink margaritas and trick themselves into thinking this is what true romance looks like. Aka the best show of the summer. And of our lives. And of possibly the entire television landscape.

Amongst the literal zero life lessons one can gather from making themselves privy to the rejects of the Bach franchise, there are—wait for it!—beauty lessons. Betchya didn't think I could harness anything positive from this nihilistic tequila sunrise-filled shitshow, did you? WRONG. Here are all the beauty related things we can learn from BiP Season 3.

Got a problem that only Jared Haibon can solve (lord knows why)? Get some botox so your cries read more scary and inhuman and less "sad girl who is almost 30."




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