Beauty Resolutions You Should Make in 2016 | Betches

Beauty Resolutions You Should Make in 2016

By Betch Du Jour

Normally, I have approximately zero intentions of resolving anything come the new year. In fact, when January 1 rolls around, and everyone starts talking about how they want to "be nicer" and "stop abusing prescription medication", I'm usually like woah, let's not get crazy here. This coming year feels different though. Maybe it's because another messiah has finally been born (Saint West), maybe it's because I read "Lean In" a year later than everyone else. I don't fucking know. But this year I have some resolutions, (Lose three pounds. Fake my own death. Posthumously hit 70 million followers on instagram. Just to name a few.)

One thing I don't need to worry about though, is beauty related resolutions (thankfully, I'm only unattractive on the inside). But because it's the holidays and a time of renewal and cleansing, I've decided to share the beauty resolutions you less fortunate/more unaware folk should all be making in 2016. So, like, here you go. Good luck.




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