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2017 Beauty Trends To Make You Feel Better About The Future

By Betch Du Jour

Thank fucking God 2016 has almost met its timely demise. As we've already said goodbye to all the annoying and heinous 2016 beauty trends, it's time to look forward to the future. Most of what's to come isn't half bad. You can expect softer, warmer looks in both the makeup and hair departments. People are moving away from heavily drawn-on brows to semi-permanent techniques that look more natural. Contouring will slowly be fading out in favor of strobing. And low-key hair will probably reign supreme over super styled looks. Here are some specific 2017 beauty trends that will be coming our way as we gracefully say goodbye to 2016. (Fuck you, 2016! RIP George Michael.)

George Michael Arrested Development

Oh wait, no.

George Michael RIP

There. ANYWAY. 

1. Microblading

According to Pinterest's 100 board (which looks back on all the most popular pins of the past year), the semi-permanent way to get fuller looking brows will be huge in 2017.




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