Who Is "Becky With The Good Hair"? An Investigation | Betches

Who Is "Becky With The Good Hair"? An Investigation

"Becky With The Good Hair" might be the most hated human on the planet right now. Which is pretty unfair considering it takes two to tango, Jay Z. And also, let's not forget that Donald Trump still exists, everyone. Like, come on. Learn where to direct your shade.

So the world needs to know who tf Becky is because we obviously just can't blame Jay Z for being a shitty person. That's not how our patriarchal society works. Ask Monica Lewinsky, she knows.

Because you're all killin me with the ridiculousness of your theories (let Rachael Ray go back to crafting her mediocre recipes), here's a thorough list of every single possible Becky "Becky With The Good Hair" could be. 

Becky G is sketchy AF based solely on the fact that she looks exactly like Selena Gomez, but like, isn't Selena Gomez? (So confusing). She also totally stole Jay Z's idea of using one name + an initial. Plus, she once made a cover of Jay-Z and Kanye's song "Otis." Sounds like she might be a big fan. And by that I mean, a stalker. And by that I mean, a homewrecker.




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