The 6 Best Snacks To Keep You Energized At Festivals | Betches

The Best Festival Snacks So You Don't Like, Die

Are you planning on heading to a music fest this summer? Probs. I mean, drugs, betchy outfits, and good vibes are your jam. However, those good vibes can turn into fuck everything vibes if you end up tired and hangry.

To combat your festy hunger and to keep you away from questionable snacks (put down the Doritos), we’ve rounded up our top snacks that’ll keep you looking and feeling your best come this summer’s music festivals. Plus, none of these will melt, make you sticky, or leave you bloated and gross.

Hooray! Now there’s no excuse to eat burgers, hot dogs, and Molly all weekend. 

1. Fruits and Veggies

Okay, totally boring—yes. But packing a few mini sweet peppers, carrots, an apple, or a pear won’t just help your blood sugar, IT’S A LOT HEALTHIER THAN THE SHIT BEING SOLD THERE. Yah, so like, go natural on this one, k? Be sure to check out and bring plenty of dried fruit, too, which travels super well and won’t melt into nothingness.




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