The Best Ways to Spend Your End of Year Bonus | Betches

The Best Ways to Spend Your End of Year Bonus

By Miss Ameribetch

The holidays are all about giving - for other people, that is. For betches, we know we are a gift enough ourselves to those around us, our bosses not excluded. One of our favorite things about the holiday season is getting our end-of-the-year bonus. Like finding money in your ski jacket you forgot you had, it’s disposable income you can be irresponsible with.

The best way to spend your year end bonus is on something you don’t need.  I mean, you basically earned it by just showing up - it’s like a participation grade for the adult world. If you’re one of those nice girls who are thinking of saving it - so lame, BUT you could blow like 20% on something crazy and dumb and still save the rest of it. Here’s what we suggest you do with your probably not-so-hard-earned money.




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