The Betches 2016 Holiday Gift Guide | Betches

The Betches 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

By The Betches

It’s that time of year again, betches: your chance to excessively online shop and only feel half as guilty about it. Also the time to start panicking about wtf to buy everyone for the holidays, because as betches we are shallow and rarely keep note of the likes and dislikes of our loved ones. Don’t worry, the Betches 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you with those struggles.  We’re giving you the inside scoop on all the shit we’re loving this year. Hurry up and read so you’re inspired to take full advantage of all their Cyber Monday sales, which exist for you to buy shit for people other than yourself, as hard as that is to believe. Happy shopping, betches. 


Murad really knows their shit when it comes to skincare. The brand was founded by a doctor who believed that betches everywhere should be able to order a visit to the dermatologist online, because no one actually wants to spend time on that.  It’s the real deal, and 100% necessary for any betch who cares what they look like (which is all of us, fucking duh).

What to Buy: Retinol Youth Renewal Serum, Renewing Eye Cream, Perfecting Night Cream, Rapid Collagen Infusion For Lips, Clarifying Cleanser

Who to buy for: Yourself (yup), your workaholic boss, your skincare-obsessed BFF




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