The Betches' Guide to Rainy April Days | Betches

The Betches' Guide to Rainy April Days

April showers might bring May flowers, but my five-minute-old blowout doesn’t give a shit. Rainy days suck, and this time of year is full of them. Take it from the hot guy sneezing on the corner. We thought we hated going out in the freezing winter, but trying to look good in torrential downpour is like, ten times harder. Here are your go-to tips to getting through rainy days, when you run out of Claritin and can’t even get from your door to your Uber without getting soaked.

Unless you have a laser appointment you can’t miss or a SoulCycle class that will charge you for a late cancellation, stay indoors. Apps like Seamless and Postmates exist for a reason. Stay in your sweatpants, order in some food, and invite friends over (sucks for them).




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