Betches recap of resort 2017 trends| Betches

The Best & Fugliest of Resort Wear 2017

Typically Resort is the stepchild of Runway, because of how brands space out their collections inconveniently and the randomness of many of the pieces.  We saw Resort 2017 wrapping up last week with Tommy Hilfiger’s collection. Anyway, because summer is a slow season for fashion and because we’re bored, we decided to pull the best and worst trends from Resort so you don’t have to.

Dressing like somebody died. I mean, we get it, black is always in. It makes us look skinny and sad, and who doesn’t want that? Also it absorbs heat, which is perfect because we’ve been experiencing heat waves in New York and LA lately. No but seriously, what is going on with all the black lace dresses this summer? Like this one from Valentino.




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