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The Betchiest Dogs Of Instagram

Today is National Dog Day, aka an opportunity for betches everywhere to Instagram their dog with an almost guaranteed return of a large number of likes. In honor of this sacred day, I’m putting together a list (in no particular order bc they’re all perfect) of the betchiest dogs on Instagram. Prepare to literally die.

Marnie is the epitome of DGAF. She waddles around all day in search of treats or honestly for no reason at all, often times forgetting where she was walking to in the first place. She is every drunk betch. Her owner adopted her from a shelter when she was old and smelly, proving that no matter what you look like, as long as you’re a petch deep down, you’re wanted. Celebs like Seth Rogen and Demi Lovato always want to take their picture with Marnie at VIP events, and even stick their tongues out just like her. You know what they say about imitation. And if you think this girl is only about partying it up with the rich and famous, you’re wrong. Marnie is very politically active on social media, whether she’s posing with a “Free Kesha” sign or at a #BlackLivesMatter protest. Keep doing you, betch.




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