The Betchiest Pop Stars Of The 90’s Ranked | Betches

The Betchiest Pop Stars Of The 90’s Ranked

By Miss Ameribetch

The nineties were perhaps the betchiest decade (just behind the 80’s, nothing can beat the glitter and leggings of the glam and fitness obsessed 80’s) and we’re never going to shut up about it. Sure, it was a dark and confused time of fashion, but it gave us the choker and the crop top and for that we are forever thankful. 

Long before Youtube stars were a thing, the 90’s was churning out pop music icons that influenced our betchood more than “Material Girl” influenced our parents. We learned how to shimmy and pout from watching MTV in the days when MTV still played music videos.  However, not all pop stars are created equally betchy, so here is the definitive ranking of the betchiest pop stars from the 90's.






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