Betchy Linguistics: THOTS | Betches

Betchy Linguistics: THOTS

By Blackout Betch

Betches love abbrevs. We are simply too busy (and DGAF) to spell out words in their entirety. That’s why when we heard that the word “thot” was an abbreviation we were intrigued.

Then we found out that it stands for “that hoe over there.” Our initial intrigue turned to a complete WTF moment.

TBH, we sometimes wonder how these things originate and who is actually dumb enough (or clever enough – depending which way you look at it) to come up with this shit. We did some research (read: Google searched it) and it turns out “thot” is really old news that started in 2012 after Chief Keef’s videographer starting using it on Twitter, making it a trending topic. That’s the lamest origin we ever heard, but whatever. Thot has become a thing and now you can’t go too far without hearing betches calling each other thots.

Which kind of confuses us. Like yeah, your fugly bestie is kind of slutty in order to make up for her butter face, but try being more discreet about calling her a hoe so blatantly. She does always treat you to mimosas at brunch and since you drink like 8, you need all the generous friends you can get.

This phenomenon is probably akin to betches uses derogatory names in an affectionate manner to their besties. There are many ways that you can “playfully” tell your fellow betches just how much you love them while simultaneously insulting them.  That’s the fucking beauty of friendship.

It’s like when Regina George said to Cady, “Get in loser. We’re going shopping.” Today she would call Cady a thot. Which she was since she stole Aaron Samuels. Ugh, betches just don’t forget that kind of shit.




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