Betchy Pope Francis is Taking the US By Storm | Betches

Betchy Pope Francis is Taking the US By Storm

By 50 Shades Of Betch

Since Pope Francis was elected back in 2013, people have talked a lot about how progressive he is. Basically he’s not like a regular Pope, he’s a cool Pope. Well, if you live in Washington DC, New York, or Philly, you can finally see the cool Pope for yourself. Frankie is in the US for a six day visit, which started with a big event at the White House this morning. Unfortunately if you’re not going to be at a Catholic church in the next few days you might be out of luck, because he’s basically just going to Cathedrals. He’ll also make a speech in Congress, becoming the first Pope to do so. Chances are Rand Paul will try to get a selfie with him or something, because why the fuck not?




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