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Beyonce And Jay-Z Hit The Louvre

By Queen Elizabetch


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Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue (still not over that) have been in Paris for the past couple of weeks on family vacation. This weekend they went to the Louvre to pick out a painting for their dining room. Naturally, Mrs. Carter Instagramed her and Jay's best Mona Lisa smiles. Spoiler alert: Jay-Z made no effort to give his best Mona Lisa smile. She also posted a photo of her throwing up the deuces with the Mona Lisa who was rolling in her unmarked grave. As the world has decided Beyonce is the second coming of Jesus Christ, this whole thing sparked "Sixteenth century icon, meet your 21st century icons." That's a bit of a leap.

As the fam was walking into the Louvre with a security detail to rival the Secret Service, some guy asked in broken English, "Who is he?" Obvi this guy was either just dropped off on planet Earth by an alien starship, or he was just fucking with Jay-Z. I prefer the latter option. Jay-Z responded with potentially the most pretentious and perfect one liner, "Who are you?" Assuming that he borrowed that line from his BFF Kanye. Thank you sir for capturing this moment on video, and more importantly for highlighting that Beyonce did not even break stride.






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