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Bond Girls, Ranked by Betchiness

By Betch Du Jour

Let's just get this out of the way before we start: Bond girls are inherently betchy. To be a BG you have to be a.) really fucking hot, b.) really fucking in shape, (which speaks to point a., but whatevz), and c.) able to steal everyone's thunder. In that way, being a Bond girl is sort of like joining a sorority. And just like our sisters, some Bond girls have done us proud, while others have been totally fucking terrible, and a disgrace to the whole establishment. Thankfully, the newest Bond girl in Spectre looks promising because she's played by that hot french girl, Lea Seydoux, from the quasi lesbian porno Blue is The Warmest Color

So in honor of her and that lesbian journey, I've decided to rank all the Bond Girls by betchiness. (I mean not literally all of them because i don't have time for that shit, and there's literally like 75 or something.) Here we fucking go. 




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