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Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Because He's Only 5'8? Dear Betch...

By Betches Staff

Dear Betches,

I've been dating my boyfriend for awhile now and we have recently been talking about a more serious future together. He's hilarious, mature, sometimes overly confident, and doing EXTREMELY well for himself...a true definition of a pro. Except for one thing. He is 5'8". I know how un-betchy it is to date, let alone marry, anyone under 6'0". My question is: can his height be overlooked considering all his other pro-like qualities?


Four inches shy of betchiness

Dear Girl Who Has Too Much Time on Her Hands,

Apparently I missed the memo that it's "Fake Problems" week here at Dear Betch. I applaud you that your life is going so well that your boyfriend's height is such a big concern that you're writing to a random internet stranger for approval. Do you by any chance want to pay my bills?

I can confidently say that nobody gives one singular fuck that your bf is literally an inch and a half below the national average (yeah, I looked it up), and neither should you. Hotness and height are not mutually exclusive—just ask Usher (who is also 5'8"). I guess I missed the # on the betch list that says "Your pro must be this tall to ride or else you're not a betch" since you seem really convinced this is a thing. Are you actually that shallow that you'd strike a future with your guy just because he's under 6'0? And how tall are you that you're acting like someone who's 5'8" is practically a midget?

Grow up and get over it (pun very much intended),

The Betches

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