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Bruce Jenner Is Getting His Adam's Apple Shaved

By The Betches

Bruce Jenner, former Olympic medalist and resident Kardashian family patriarch is shaking up his look a bit after separating from mama Kris. Bruce, who is also notorious for looking like a lesbian, apparently decided that having his ears pierced just wasn't feminine enough for his new divorcee makeover. He told TMZ "I just never liked my penis trachea."

It should also be noted that shaving your trachea is one of the first stages of gender reassignment surgery. It looks like someone is a little jealous of daughter Kendall's budding modelling career. Really Bruce, why don't you just skip all the bullshit and get the full breast implant you're really yearning for? I bet Kris would even pay for it as long as she can televise your struggle to become a lady and rename you Kate. 

But really, wouldn't this be great if it were all just part of an elaborate scheme for Bruce to get closer to his kids by cross-dressing as the Kardashian family nanny? Oh, a boy... I don't "work" with the males, 'cause I used to be one. Help is on the way dear!

Source: Gawker




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