Bruce Jenner is Still Looking For Rock Bottom | Betches

Bruce Jenner is Still Looking For Rock Bottom

By The Betches

By now, we all know that Kris Jenner has moved on to someone younger, blacker, and probably less crazy than Bruce. Bruce, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be having the same luck. Over the weekend, he was racing his million-dollar truck (yes, I was baffled by this too) in some famous race in Mexico, and he steered the truck into a ditch in the middle of the desert. I’d love to feel bad for Bruce, but really the fact that he’s in a truck race in the first place is just so ridiculous.  It’s like that episode of Keeping Up when he gets the toy helicopter, except now he’s spending millions of dollars on it. I wish Bruce luck on finishing his shame spiral and (possibly) becoming a normal human again.




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