Brucella Jenner is Getting Her Own Show | Betches

Brucella Jenner is Getting Her Own Show

By Queen Elizabetch

Apparently, Bruce Jenner is getting his own Kardashian spin-off show, which will probs be a combination of KUWTK, Botched, and RuPaul's Drag Race. The show would focus on what Kim K West calls his "journey." Can Bruce just cut the bullshit, and fucking tell us he's a woman??? Obvi this show would be him realizing that Kris emasculated him in year 4 of their marriage and that he's been getting estrogen contact highs from being in the same room as the six Kardashian women. The best episode of this show is when Kylie teaches Bruce how to "fill in" his lips and Kim teaches him how to contour.






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