The Beauty Advice Only Caitlyn Jenner Could Offer | Betches

The Beauty Advice Only Caitlyn Jenner Could Offer

By Betches Staff

You know Caitlyn Jenner has officially been welcomed as a female celeb when the world literally can't stop talking about anything but her appearance.

Good for her though since she's straight up KILLIN' IT. Seriously no joke, she's like the 2nd hottest person I've ever seen. Anyway, it's giving us legit anxiety that Caitlyn and/or her beauty team haven't spilled the secrets on how she looks exponentially better than most of us on even our least hungover days. Naturally it's about time we start to speculate what kinds of things are being done to her face/hair/aura. So here's what we can imagine Caitlyn might say to steer us in the right direction while Kris Jenner/resident momager gets her shit together long enough to let her client release some statements about it.




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