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How To Casually Hook Up With Someone And Still Respect Them

By Blackout Betch

People are fucking stupid. Men and women, both equally the same; it’s 2015 so in the name of equality I won’t judge the male and female gender in a different way. I’ll still judge them though.

Only the human species would be able to take something so simple and fun as having casual sex and make it complicated, messy, and miserable. The following advice is for people who are unable to casually hook up with someone and still maintain some level of respect. AKA 99% of the population (1% being virgins and nuns and even they would probably fuck it up somehow).

Having respect for the person you are banging doesn’t mean you’re fucking in love with them. It means you have a soul and aren’t some degenerate loser whose mom probably didn’t hug them enough as a small child.

You respect the Starbucks barista despite him spelling your name wrong every time. Your name is Kate. You respect your boss even though you hate her guts on most days. You respect your co-worker who really needs to stop ordering Chipotle and smelling up the entire office. Why is it so difficult to respect the person you see naked on a regular basis?

Everyone has become so consumed with not giving a fuck and acting aloof that they forget how to be a decent human being.

Listen the fuck up to the following tips and get your shit together or you’ll die alone.




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