A Definitive Ranking Of The Betchiest Chasers | Betches

A Definitive Ranking Of The Betchiest Chasers

By LaBetch James

So imagine this: you're running late for a Saturday night out (shocker). A quick scan of your pantry reveals nothing except Velveeta mac and cheese and 2-year-old crackers. With your false eyelashes only partially applied and dropping dangerously into your eye, you realize you fucking forgot to get chasers for the pregame.

Fast-forward ten minutes and you're standing braless in the beverage aisle at Walgreens. It's a game time decision. What the fuck are you going to force into your body to cover up that taste of frozen vodka? If you're trying to throw a betchy pregame, which obvi you are, you need to simultaneously evaluate your life decisions and grab these chasers.

The poor betch's chaser of choice. Save yourself the hassle of even going to get a chaser, and instead rely on the calorie-free, taste-free, vomit-inducing chaser of water. Your waistline will thank you, but your taste buds will not.




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