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Farewell Chelsea Lately

By Cleobetchra

Chelsea Handler aka the biggest betch in late night will be signing off of E! for good after seven seasons of Chelsea Lately. Her final show airs tonight at 11pm and I certainly will be tuning in for that hour long shit show. Let’s make a drinking game out of it. Anytime she swears, drink. Anytime she shits on E!, drink. Anytime she calls Chuy a chunk, nugget or Mexican burrito, drink. You’ll be gone before the first commercial. She will now be taking her talents to Netflix, and you’ll have to wait until 2016 for any serious action. A comedy documentary mini series thing will air in 2015, but her real show will start two years down the line. She’s also making like $10 million dollars on an experimental whim with Netflix. Casual. Chelsea has always been a betch idol, in fact back in 2011 she was our first EVER betch of the week.

We love Chelsea for a million reasons, and here are a few.




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