Chipotle Testing Out Drone Delivery | Betches

Eating Half Your Weight In Chipotle Just Got Easier

By Queen Elizabetch

Your hangover cure just got better: Chipotle is testing out a pilot program where they'll use drones to deliver food to customers. Yes I'll take my burrito bowl with black beans, fajitas, and cool af technology please. So Seamless, Imma let you finish but Chipotle has the best food delivery system of all time.

The program has customers order their food at kiosks, then Chipotle food trucks stationed strategically in the geographic area make the food. The workers then load the food order onto a drone, and the drone flies over to the customer and drops it. I'm assuming that eventually the kiosks will be eliminated and people can just order from their phones, so there's absolutely no human interaction—the ultimate millennial goal.

But will guac still be extra??




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