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Chris Rock Basically Called Selena Gomez A Poor Man's Beyoncé

People’s opinions of Selena Gomez as an entertainer tend to differ widely. Obviously some people love her, and there’s no denying her music is catchy, but a lot of people still don’t take her as seriously as her pop star colleagues.

Apparently Chris Rock is one of those people.

Last week, Chris tweeted a totally savage meme of Selena onstage with the caption “when you buy your formation tickets on craigslist.” In the photo, Selena’s in a gold leotard with some pathetic wind blown through her hair, truly looking like a low-rent Beyoncé. Many thanks to Chris for calling this to our attention because it’s, like, so real. Selena’s been on a mission all year to prove that she’s finally a grownup, but she still looks like Beyoncé’s 19-year-old cousin who got her hand-me-down leotard.

Chris Rock famously doesn’t give a fuck on social media, or in real life for that matter. We all know about his #OscarsSoWhite shenanigans, but he regularly snatches Hollywood wigs on his Twitter account too. Thank you, Chris Rock. You’re one of the real heroes.




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