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Definitive Ranking Of The Best Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Guest Appearances

By Betch Ivy Carter

To the bitter few who are still stubbornly holding onto their unfounded hatred of Taylor Swift despite the fact that she has literally taken the world by storm, you should probably just move on to the next article. For the rest of you, welcome.

Taylor Swift is only halfway done with her 1989 World Tour, and in case you haven’t heard yet, she’s doing something that no one has really done before, or at least to the caliber that she is doing it now. Every date of the American leg of Taylor’s tour, starting with the May 30th show in Detroit, has featured a guest star of some sort. Be it model, athlete, actor or musician, Taylor brings out anywhere between 1 and 10 people to either perform a song of their own or strut around during hers.

It’s her own personal way of saying “I am literally so powerful that each of these individually famous people are at my beck and call, willing to drop whatever they were doing to play second fiddle while I walk around looking like a perfect glittery space amazon. Suck it.” For real, it’s in the fine print of the show program.

We’ve taken the liberty of ranking the top 5 best of the 1989 guests because that’s kind of what we do. If you were at any of these shows, just know that I am consumed with jealous rage and I probably also hate you.


  • Any show that featured solely models didn’t make the cut. If I wanted to watch beautiful women (who are my age and one million times more successful than I am) strut down a runway while I hate myself, I could have watched one of the 3 VS Fashion Shows still sitting in the depths of my DVR.
  • Any show featuring solely a country star didn’t make the cut because, Jesus Christ, I would think that’s obvious.
  • This list is compiled solely by my opinion and it is also an objective truth. Enjoy.




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