The Top 7 Drawbacks of Spring | Betches

The Top 7 Drawbacks of Spring

By DrunkEyesFullHeart

Yes, we’re ditching the GOT Winter is Coming meme as all the creatures that have hibernated for the winter are starting to emerge to soak up the long awaited vitamin D and fresh air. While most are excited for the chance to tan their casper skin and walk around without a knee length coat on, true betches know to always stay a tad pessimistic on any topic, including the start of spring. Let's start the bitching now. 

Just yesterday my lungs were burning from the cold air while I could see my breath, and now I can’t stop fucking sneezing, like to the point where my cube neighbors won’t even say bless you #Rude. My head feels like it’s the size of a globe, the pressure on my skull makes me want to put my stiletto through it, and my eyes are so itchy I may just rip them out of my skull. The beginning of spring means pollen counts higher than your bar tab last week.




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