The Art of the Drunken Heart to Heart | Betches

The Art of the Drunken Heart to Heart

By Sabrina the Tee...

We may not be the most sentimental people in the world, but betches everywhere can attest to having a good “heart to heart” conversation every once in a while. This consists of two people opening up, sharing stories and verbally knee-padding each other for 45 minutes. To be clear, we would never let this happen during the hours of daylight—fuck no. We like our heart to hearts how we like our coffee: black(ed).

Of course betches are always celebrating with our besties about how amazing we are and saying “ILY!” like it’s our job. But some of the most entertaining heart to hearts occur with rando betches and bros that our sober selves either don’t know that well or DGAF about. They may appear sloppy or unpredictable at first, but all will occur in some variation of this scenario:

The final piece of the drunken heart to heart is to wake up the next morning, view the selfies with your rando one nighter, and to LOL about the whole thing. As if you would actually ever branch out…(crying with laughter emoji).




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