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Fall Date Ideas That Sound Fun But Are Actually The Worst

As far as Instagram opportunities go, fall is definitely in the top four seasons. OK, more seriously, top two.

Anyway, since there's so much going on it seems like all these great grammable activity options would also make for great date ideas. If you think that, you're actually super wrong. Sorry. Here's why everything you think you want to do with some guy is actually the worst. 

Little known fact about corn mazes: They were actually created by Satan himself. Sure, picturesque hay bales and corn stalks are fun to look at, but getting trapped in a hellish labyrinth of corn for four hours will have you hating everyone and everything around you. Your corn maze excursion could come in one of two temperatures, hot as balls or fucking freezing. If you think you love someone, just let them try to navigate you out of a corn maze. Your mind will change. I'm pretty sure I know of like three legit relationships that have ended due to too much corn maze exposure combined with one party's poor navigational skills.




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