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Betches and Fashion: 10 Basics for Summer

By The Betches

Betches, the time has finally come when you can stop bombarding us with requests to write about fashion. So who's our mysterious new fashion blogger and why should you trust that she'll help you avoid leaving the house looking like you try too hard, or worse, Kristen Stewart?


Liza Randall


Well...she studies womenswear at the London College of Fashion, she's previously worked for Donna Karan, Jennifer Miller and Scoop, not to mention her betchy mom has been a successful fashion designer for the last 25 years. And obviously, was voted best dressed in the high school class of '07.

But her most notable achievement is that she's our bestie. So betches, fucking listen up and stop looking like shit. Introducing our fashion spirit guide, Chic Betch.



I find Memorial Day weekend a bit awkward because it's really just a "coming out party" for summer clothes, but at the same time you don't know if you should jump right into your favorite new items or ease in with the season. I spent MDW in the Hamptons with the rest of the socialites doing some "street research" and to be honest, I wasn't overwhelmed by the fashion choices. I've resorted to my own research back in the hub that is New York City and after endless searching through the stores, websites, and closets of the betchiest girls I know, I've come up with my top 10 items to start the summer.


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Neon Skinnies, Topshop: PSA: Mint is the color for Summer 2012. Having said that, what could be better than NEON mint? ... That was a rhetorical question. Everyone knows full on neon is for try-hards and LSD groupies. Mint says, I have the fun spirit of a raver but I'm also not fucking poor. See it here>>


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Skirt, Helmut Lang: I'm all about buying "work horse" items. I like things that can go day/night or night/day for when I'm doing a walk of shame and don't want my 80-year-old doorman to know I'm a whore and I also want to stop for a coffee without an awkward stare. This skirt is one of my favorites... great length for daytime and the right amount of leg for nighttime. Just do a little shoe switch with the outfit and you're good to go from 90 cent streetwalker to the classiest girl on the east side. See it here>>


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Blazer, Zara: Speaks for itself. Super cute with black jeans/tank or white jeans/tank. Perfect for that pop of color you need on the first date. This vest screams "I'm stylish" but your mom won't think I'm a stuck up prissy bitch when she meets me. That will take a few months. See it here>>


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Tuxedo Skinnies, Rag & Bone: Love, love, love. Keeping the tuxedo trend going and slimming the leg with the black stripe down the side - great pant to have on call. I've seen them copied and they just don't do it for me. Side note that if you can't pull them off you can't fucking pull them off and that is it. No one wants to go out on the town with the betch who looks like she just came back from her weekly bowling league. See it here>>


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Dress, Nasty Gal (exclusive): If you're a line cutter like me, you're going to need to show some skin. This dress is the perfect amount of cut-the-line skin while trying to maintain the idea that we have an ounce of class (just an ounce, watch yourself). I love the high neckline because it leaves room for a collar necklace and the back well... there is none. See it here>>


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Wedge, Kelsi Dagger: A great wedge that won't steal too much from your fall 2012 Louboutin fund. The electric blue have stolen my heart as the perfect candidate to jazz up an outfit while remaining comfortable for dancing on the couches at your bro's SL table. See it here>>


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Messenger, Cambridge Satchel - This is definitely "the move" for summer 2012. Proenza Schouler makes a more "luxe" version of the bag but at 1/8th of the price, go for a Cambridge Satchel... we all know this is not a classic. While satchels sound like they're for ugly horseback riding girls with serious acne, a true betch knows that a colorful one like this is the perfect day bag (or even at night for a casual beach party). It really only holds a wallet, phone, camera and sunglasses so if you're a hoarder betch who needs room for a first aid kit or feels anxiety without a stash of #101 makeup this is not for you. See it here>>


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Blouse, Necessary Clothing - Reminds me of a Parker top...well a cute Parker top that is (they exist). Yes, the price is real and no, it doesn't look cheap in person. Great option in the wardrobe when you're dying to sport your latest accessories and need a plain top. See it here>>


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Watch, La Mer: It’s time to retire your Michele, Cartier, Rolex or whatever it is you betches have up your sleeve… at least for a couple days a week. This watch is very cute with it’s grey/gold wrap bracelet. This will be one of your favorite accessories to throw with a tan and jean shorts. Be sure to check out the website for other options… there are around ten watches I’d love to call my own. See it here>>


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Short, BB Dakota: I’ve been seeing a lot of lace and crochet shorts this summer but have yet to find a pair that actually look cute on. I’ve checked out the options by Nightcap and Zara and they just don’t make the cut. I’m sure the RED Valentino option wouldn’t be too bad but why spend $400 on shorts that have a 95% chance of getting a cranberry and Goose all over them? Tiered lace by BB Dakota, yes please. See it here>>


If you want to contact Chic Betch email her at [email protected] and follow @ChicBetch on Twitter!





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