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Female Supreme Court Justices Ranked By Betchiness

By Blackout Betch

History class was always boring AF. We never paid attention because who cares about a bunch of old guys in wigs arguing about politics? It just reminds you of when your ancient relatives start bitching at Thanksgiving dinner about how Obama is a Communist.

Pass the wine.

While talking about old men trying to figure out world peace and shit bores us to tears, it’s not as bad when we hear about women calling the shots. Especially when the women are part of an exclusive group like the Supreme Court justices.

There’s random female politicians who are delusional try hards. We are not talking about them. We’re talking about the group of four betches who in the 192 years of the Supreme Court’s existence have served as the only female justices.

The men of American history have told women “you can’t sit with us” millions of times. These four women just laughed in their faces and stood up for their right to wear a black robe everyday for work.




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