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The 5 Best Snacks To Devour Post-Workout

Congrats on getting out of bed and making it to the gym. If you got there before the workday started, you literally did the impossible, and we’re very proud yet very envious. But the job’s not done. What you eat after your workout actually plays a huge part in the results you plan on seeing. Instead of stuffing your face with the next edible substance you see, you’ll need to refuel with protein, complex carbs, and a bit of healthy fat. Here are five perfect post-workout snacks to pack for the gym, so you can replenish your body without sabotaging your hard work.


Not your average protein bars. These bars are totally natural and literally tell you the ingredients on the wrapper: dates, nuts, egg whites. The RX brand is all about keeping it simple and giving you the right nutrients to refuel your body after a workout. They have 12 grams of protein, and they’re also packed with fiber and healthy fats. Pro tip: the chocolate sea salt flavor is bomb.




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