Five Ridiculously Good Grilled Cheeses | Betches

Five Ridiculously Good Grilled Cheeses

By Betchy Crocker

As we’ve said before, there are some things from our childhood that we just cannot turn our backs on. Although we may have outgrown Lisa Frank’s bold color choices (we prefer all black everything), the classic pb & j or grilled cheese is something we will never forget.

And so, we’ve come up with five grown-up grilled cheeses for your eating pleasure; you know, whenever you feel like destroying your body with cheese and carbs (we suggest Bachelorette night).

For each of these, heat a medium skillet over medium high heat and melt some butter. You can also butter the pan-facing sides of the bread as you assemble the sandwich. Alternatively, you can grill these in a toaster oven or on a grill plate …. But butter def makes it better. All quantities are kind of up to you. If you can dream it you can grill it, then gain 10 lbs.




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