10 Tips To Plan The Best Friendsgiving Ever | Betches

10 Tips To Plan The Best Friendsgiving Ever

By LaBetch James

Be honest. Thanksgiving can be super fucking awkward. You may be forced to interact with estranged family members and try to convince them your life is not actually a mess. And if you're like the better half of the American population, you're likely hungover after getting blackout the night before Thanksgiving with all of your high school friends.

That's what makes Friendsgiving so wonderful. You can eat all of the food without any of the shitty repercussions of conventional Thanksgiving. We, the Betches, offer our tips on how to make this Friendsgiving the best fucking holiday ever.

If there's anything that screams cheat day, it's Friendsgiving. But remember, holiday parties are just around the corner. And would you really want to return the sweater your grandma will inevitably get you because you went up two sizes?




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