The Fugliest Looks From Fashion Week | Betches

The Fugliest Looks From Fashion Week

With all beauty must come great fugliness. That’s just how it’s been since the beginning of time; without peasants eating cake, Marie Antoinette would’ve just looked like a basic bitch in a sea of petticoats and Marge Simpson wigs. Without Hollister logo tees taking middle school by storm, your Juicy Couture tracksuit wouldn’t have an army of human billboards to shine against. Without Lady Gaga looking like something that clawed its way out of the depths of Hell at NYFW’s Marc Jacobs show a few weeks back, the rest of the collection would’ve just seemed a little too... blasé. In lieu of Paris fashion week coming to a close, we’d like to shed a light on the biggest “WTF” moments from this season. 




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