The Pros And Cons Of Getting a Tattoo | Betches

The Pros And Cons Of Getting a Tattoo

By Miss Ameribetch

Tattoos are one topic that betches may be divided in opinion. Whether they are betchy or not, every betch has at some point thought about getting one. Like herpes, they are forever, so it’s best to give it some careful thought before getting something you’ll regret in 40 years. Considering the amount of shit we regret every Sunday morning that seemed like good ideas the night before, getting a permanent fixture on your body is a risky move. But, if you’re thinking about it, here’s a guide to whether or not you should get ink done.

If you got through all the cons and you still want to get one, then you deserve to get that tattoo. You can’t choose the body you’re born with, but you can choose the one you leave with.




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